Loop Record: Scorpion King & Queen
William Kazery 2021 51:03:61 (12.5K)
Meggan Franks 2019 1:03:05 (lap 1 25K)

Race Records: 
50K Peter Kazery 2024 04:24:31
Season Lane 2024 5:36:18

25K Peter Kazery 2021 1:44:41
Meggan Franks 2019 2:12:43

12.5K William Kazery 2021 51:03:61
Summer Riley 2021 1:12:21

All courses will begin near the boat landing area of Bonita Lakes Park in what is commonly referred to as the horse wash area. The races will enter the woods at the boat landing and stay on the wider jeep trail for a period before entering the single track trails. Two Water stations are positioned at the start/finish/ line and roughly halfway into the loop (around 4.3 miles), we will provide the water to refill your bottles, but being a trail run, you'll need a water belt, Camel Back or bottle with you. At the Start/Finish Aid station, water coolers will be provided to refill bottles, and since the parking area is also there, you can position your nutrition and personal hydration at your vehicle. Rest rooms/Port-a-johns will be positioned at the Start/Finish Area. Please do not throw empty GU packs or water bottles on the trails during the race. At the check points we will provide garbage bags, you can toss it there and we'll pick it up for you. Bonita Lakes Park is a beautiful place to run and we  want to keep it clean during our event and certainly after.


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