Aid Stations? 

Due to the course having intersections, we plan to use this to give you more aid stations. Here is an idea where to expect  the aid stations. 

* 5 Points will serve as an intersection check point/Aid Station.

* Aid Station/Check Point on the main Jeep Trail. You will pass the early into the loop and may not have need to stop, but the second time you see it on a loop you may have need.

* Start/Finish Check Point/Aid Station


Bonita Lakes Park is a beautiful place. We are very proud to host this event there. So please do not throw GU packs, bottles, food wrappers or really anything on the ground at any point in the race. If you are caught littering on the trail, you will be DQ'd. Also, interfering with another runner will result in immediate DQ and removal from race. Also, profanity on the trail or yelling at volunteers will not be tolerated. If there is an issue we need to be aware of, please, make us aware of it ASAP.

Time Limit

For the 50K the race will consist of 4 loops. at 3 pm, (9 hours into the race) if you have not passed the main checkpoint at the Start/Finish and are already on your 4 loop, we will ask you to not begin the 4th loop. We will need time to pull the checkpoints off the trails and make sure all participants have finished. Plus we have to have time to pack up and be out of the park before it closes at 10 pm.

 What can I expect at Check Point or Aid Station?

Water, cot, a snack or two and radio to call for you a ride if needed. We do not keep any medication over, under or behind the counter. So if you need your meds or some pain relievers. BYO...

Gotta have my tunes

You're not allowed to in this race. No headphones. Trust me, you'll be wanting to focus on your footing and moving out of the way of other runners. For us, it's strictly a safety issue. Sorry about that.


Runners who use a pacer are not eligible for awards. However, you would still receive a finisher Medal for your event. If you place in the top 3 male or females or are likely to win masters or grand masters, no pacing is allowed. We won't DQ you, but you will not be eligible for awards.

Fuel Belts and Water Bottles

Trail running is a challenge both mentally and physically. Although this is a lap event on a 7.78 mile looped course, you'll want to have your own water bottle with you. We will have some coolers to refill at the 5 Points Check Point, and at the Start/Finish Check Point; but please have something to put the water in. Camelbacks are not necessary, however we won't judge you. Please stay Hydrated.


Likely not going to be a cold race unless we get an unseasonable cool snap. Historically, Upper 70's for the high and low to mid 50's for the low. The course is shaded a lot, so that will help a ton.

 Will my feet get wet?

There could be a place or two if it rains a ton ahead of this race where water could puddle; but mostly this is a dry course. But like any trail run, come prepared.


Pets are not allowed on the race route for safety reasons. However, spectators may bring people friendly pets as long as they remain on a leash, again for safety reasons.

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